The interactive Juvenile Non-Judicial Adjustment Data Dashboard was created to supplement the full policy report to help support relevant stakeholders identify juvenile justice disparities across Utah's geography and demographic groups. This policy tool was created to help support data-driven policy work across agencies and legislators across Utah.

Nonjudicial Adjustment Juvenile Financial Sanctions: A Guide For Policy and Reform for Pretrial Diversion in Utah’s Juvenile Justice System, was prepared for the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, including the Utah Juvenile Court (UJC) and Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee, to support ongoing and future juvenile justice policy that is equitable and effective for youth and their communities across Utah.

Prepared for the Racial and Ethnic Disparities (RED) Advisory Committee of the Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice (UCCJJ). We present an evidence-based pro-equity policy framework to address the racial and ethnic disparities across the juvenile justice system in Utah alongside policy toolkits for relevant stakeholders and social institutions working with youth.

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