Political Economy: Race, Class, & Gender

Instructor for ECON 2040-001 at the University of Utah (Summer 2022)

The class covers the evolution of race, ethnicity, class, and gender in the context of capitalist development and modern market economies. Topics concern the persistence of inequalities in opportunities and outcomes among members of different groups, and how market forces and public policies interact with these tendencies.

Juvenile (IN)Justice & Education

Guest Lecturer for ECS 6820/7820 at the University of Utah (Summer 2021)

"The school-to-prison pipeline is an epidemic that is plaguing schools across the nation. A central aim of this graduate seminar is to critically examine the theoretical underpinnings that promote the school to prison pipeline and how it impacts young people’s lives both nationally and locally. In order to theoretically and conceptually understand why and how zero tolerance policies disproportionately target minoritized students, this seminar traces historical racial caste systems, and political and theoretical roots that provide the backdrop of such policies."